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At ATG Trans, we provide professional Translation and Multilingual DTP services that save you time, money and embarrassment. We understand that a well crafted and properly translated copy of the documents or websites have a positive impression on the company’s image, customer relationships, the acceptance of the products in international markets, the warranty costs and moreover on the ability to reach out for new customers. So why jeopardize your brand identity by hiring non-native service providers?

ATG Trans - an Indian firm has been operating from all around the corners of the world, helping its clients compete in foreign countries and enjoy a large return on investments. Its offices in France, Europe, USA, Japan, China and in other areas, serve the companies with ease and efficiency. The 24/7 policy makes us approachable to our clients without any delays and lags. By blending the art of translation with our insight of today’s high tech businesses, we act as your international partner with an uncompromising commitment to quality, value and services.

We provide highest level of translation services, which are linguistically accurate and specialize in bridging the gap of understanding posed by foreign languages and international borders. With a fleet of accredited associates, translators and language experts, ATG Trans can provide you translation services on any line of work.  We employ subject matter experts from the areas of Legal, Technical, Mechanics, Electronics, IT Technology, Medicine, Arts & Entertainment, Religion, Science and Business to help our translators with industry specific terminology. We can provide your organization with the translation services into any language of the world.

When you are partnering ATG Trans, you are able to leverage our strengths. Our clients benefit from the following:

  • Translation into any of the world’s language

  • Certified work completed by proficient translators and subject matter experts

  • Usage of proven methodology to achieve highest quality of translation

  • Proofread every document by qualified language expert

  • Team work of highly skilled language project managers and trained translators

  • Cost effective services without sacrificing quality

  • International consulting services

  • Providing secure environment for your documents, enforcing non-disclosure agreements

  • Free price quotes and estimations for each project

Our range of translation services include:

  • Professional translation services

  • International and localization consulting services

  • Website translations

  • Multilingual Desk Top Publishing services

  • International copywriting services

  • 24 hours emergency translation

  • Custom translation solutions

For each client that comes to ATG Trans, receives a customized solution for their projects and requirements. We strive to excel in terms of services, support and consultation in the projects we undertake.

Contact us and request a free translation analysis and quotes on your project.